All the dancers are volunteers, none of them receive payment for the hours put into choreographing, preparing and rehearsing for the dance. They put in hundreds of man-hours into the preparation of each dance. Not all the dancers are chosen, only those who are good enough are chosen for the performance. Those who didn't make it will be given another chance in the next performance.

Their work-ethic and attitude is phenomenal.

The most common phrase heard during rehearsal is, "One more time." They will dance and dance and dance till they completely and totally nail the sequence. They give their best and don't understand anything except 110%.
Before going to the actual stage, the dancers rehearse in the rooms.
A hat lies on the floor as Ee Loo briefs the dancers during a training session. 
Ee Loo watches the sequence during rehearsal.
Reuben Ho.
Dancers under Reuben's watchful gaze.
Koh Xin Yi gets injured during rehearsal.
Performance Day

The dancers are scheduled to perform 4 shows over the weekend. They do not simply show up and perform. On the actual day, they report 6-7 hours before their performance, waking up in the wee hours of the morning to make it on time.

They rehearse the dance sequence a few more times, have a short break and then go in for make-up.
Before every performance, they pray together and commit the entire dance to God.
8 A.M. briefing and preparation.
The Dancers are given this room to rest before going for makeup. Some take the chance to catch up on sleep while others fill their stomachs.
Ng Tee Yong takes a break on the floor before makeup.
Eyeliner, eyeshadow, blush and glitter.
Samantha Foo hurriedly dries her hair an hour before the performance.
Excessive amounts of glitter is the rule for the day.
Jessica Lek makes sure every strand of hair is in the perfect position.
Lim Yilin checks her mask before the final rehearsal.
One last full dress rehearsal before the performance.
A moment of laughter backstage.
A quick prayer before showtime.
A technicolour finale to cap months of hard work.

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